Browse Month: June 2021


Web analytics is the measurement, reporting, collection, and analysis of web data to understand and optimize web usage. It a process of measuring web traffic and can be used as a tool for business and market research and assess to improve website effectiveness.

It is focused on identifying measures based on organizational and users’ goal by using the website data to decide the failure and success of that goals and to built and drive strategy to improve users experience.

Types of web analytics tools

  • Content & Customer analytics tools
  • Customer analytics tools
  • A/B and multivariate testing tools
  • Social media analytics tools
  • SEO analytics tools
  • General & Open Source analytics tools

Benefits of Web Analytics

  • Online Traffic Measurement
  • Bounce Rate Tracking
  • Tracking of Marketing Campaigns
  • Finding the Right Target Audience
  • Improves Website & Web Services
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Tracking business goals

Dependence on Cookies as a Unique Identifier

  • Single user equals to single browser.
  • Web browser don’t have multiple users.
  • Cookies are not turned off.
  • Browser’s allow the cookie cache to accumulate.


The tools will even become better and more useful. If serious about making headway, should not overlook web analytics. Web analytics is not going to go anywhere

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