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Running Out of Ideas on What to write down About?

Never lose ideas for content again

As a writer, we all discover the joy-and-frustration of deciding “What to write down on or about.
Sometimes the thought will just flash and that we all writers will sit right down to pen it down and hit on publishing for our readers.
At times the subject, on which we are researching and banging our brain on suddenly crystalizes and flows naturally on digital papers.
And sometimes we literally bang our heads on the wall or try the maximum amount as we will we still can’t find out any distinctive topic to write down about or choose what should write which can add more information or value to my posts and my readers.
I call this “Writers Breakdown”
Every writer faces this problem now then in their career. Some fellow writers have a remedy for this to take a seat and write and publish and keep this cycle.
What if there have been shortcuts: A “cheat sheet” as you features a “cheat meal” to urge started with.
Here I even have tried to pen down few ideas which could help and encourage you once you end up against “the wall”

1. Lessons to be drawn from personal experience
All folks have an infinite well of unique experiences from our personal and professional lives that we can draw on our papers. We’d like to line the scene, tell what happened and what our learning from it had been. Of these don’t need research on Google or Wikipedia. Allow readers to peek in and see the planet through your eyes.

2. Write of how-to Guide
It offers potential ideas; if you recognize something even slightly different from others then can probably write on it. Express your ideas if you are feeling strongly about something. Such as you others too may share an equivalent thoughts.

3. Provide useful tips for doing something better
Every individual features a unique talent. Bring that SME bent a wider audience as you’ve got acquired an understanding of your area of experience. Just pen it down for others too.

4. Share your perspective on Trending topics
Nowadays people wish to read or hear about the present topics and news which can help them to grow personally and professionally.

5. Interview someone and write the lesson learned
In a vast country like India with vast culture, customs and celebrations, there are many untold stories. Invite someone, and ask your question around your topic or theme and write about the learning’s from the conversation.

6. Can write of paying tribute to someone who played a serious role in your life as a Life Changer or a Mentor or a Motivator

Pen down on how someone – whether you recognize him/her personally or not have impacted your life, career. These are often short and straightforward but would wish a deep drill of your own life and impressions.

This list isn’t over with a period. It’s an inexhaustible topic. Hope these few topics may assist you in your writing and you won’t be during a stage of “Writers Block”

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